Notice of Motion for Summary Judgment (MSJ) and its role within the foreclosure process

Question: We have just received a notice that states that motion for summary judgment of foreclosure has been scheduled for hearing on a certain date. What does this mean and what is the next step in the foreclosure process? If the foreclosure entry is accepted by the court, what would be the next action taken by the lender? If the lender’s solicitor goes to court on that date and the court sets the foreclosure sale, does the solicitor contact us and how long do we have before the foreclosure sale takes effect?

Response: If you have received Notice of Motion for Summary Judgment (MSJ), that means that you put an answer to the complaint and now the attorneys for the bank are trying to tell the judge that there are no issues of fact to be decided by the jury, only issues of law to be decided by the judge. Along with the MSJ, banks usually move the court for an Order of Reference, seeking the court to appoint a Referee, who would indeed conduct the sale. If you are fighting to save your home, then it is best to put in opposition papers to MSJ, where you should state why MSJ should be denied. You would need an experienced attorney, who could help you oppose and then possibly argue before the judge. Also, please note, that even if MSJ is granted by the court, the bank must then move the court by filing a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale (JFS). Foreclosure auction cannot take place until JFS is granted and a sale is scheduled and you are put on notice of the sale (in addition to having notice mailed to you if you were served more than a year ago, notice gets published a number of times in a local newspaper). If you do not have sufficient time to consult an attorney before the next court date, you can always come to court and ask for an adjournment (typically first-time adjournments are easily granted).

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